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Lisa Schulteis

Owner | Infusionsoft Certified Partner | Online Marketing Manager

Lisa started this company in 2009 to give small business owners and entrepreneurs the assistance they needed. She recognized that most business owners were juggling too many tasks and needed help managing their marketing madness. Lisa’s ability to integrate a complete online marketing plan while relating to her client’s need of keeping the steps in “plain English” versus tech talk has earned her a high referral base of clients. Complete Online Marketing Through Infusionsoft Over the years, Lisa noticed that most of her clients were wading through a muddled marketing mess. They were tracking leads with sticky notes, had piles of business cards collecting dust, and were not following up with leads over the long term. Their systems weren’t cohesive and did not talk to each other and in many cases, they were paying for multiple systems they weren’t even using! That is when Lisa decided to become certified in Infusionsoft. She recognizes the importance of Lifecycle Marketing and having automation work for you! In 2013, she became an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant (now called Certified Partner). As a Certified Consultant, Lisa is required to meet continuing education requirements and to re-certify annually.

Digital Marketer Certified Partner
Lisa was certified in 2015 and provides expertly crafted sales & marketing funnels, including strategy and implementation.
Infusionsoft Certified Partner
Lisa was certified in 2013 and is an expert in sales & marketing automation strategy and implementation. Lisa has been repeatedly hired by Infusionsoft to serve as a Project Manager for their Implementation Accelerator events.

Brian Kappus

Chief Technology Officer

Brian was brought onboard as an outsourced CTO in 2014 because Lisa realized that even she cannot wear all of the hats! Brian started his business in 2002 because he had spent the previous 10 years dealing with the IT guys that played the guessing game. Most IT individuals “think” they know the solution or can make an educated guess at a solution, and that’s okay if you have the time and profit dollars to let that happen. Brian presents you with a solution that works; one that is proven based on real business scenarios, and not just what the “White Papers” say a solution will do. Regardless of the business problem you are faced with, Brian has the experience to help you implement the right solutions and align your business with the right technology strategies for sustained business growth, scalability, and profitability. Simply stated: he solves your businesses technology problems.

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