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Lisa treats your business like it is her own.

Hiring Lisa Schulteis is one of the best decisions I made for my business.  Lisa works with clients to develop successful launch strategies and continuous relationship marketing campaigns that drive traffic, increase SEO and achieve high conversion rates.

What makes Lisa a powerful addition to my Dream Team is that she combines technical expertise (she’s super techie) and internet marketing savvy (she’s a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner) with her mastery of Infusionsoft (she’s an Infusionsoft Certified Partner). Lisa’s skill set is a comprehensive, unique and winning combination that will deliver results for your business!

Best of all, Lisa will fully implement everything you envision.  She will help you map out your marketing and campaign goals and then she will put the plan into beautiful and effortless, automated action. You then are free to do what you do best.  You will love working with Lisa as much I do.  I highly recommend her!

Lakeshia Ekeigwe

Founder and CEO, Life School for Lawyers

Lisa is that rare combination of technical skill and graphic design creativity along with a business mind-set attuned to productivity and deadlines.

“I rarely give recommendations but I’m very happy to do so for Lisa Schulteis. Please understand that getting on my referral list is tough! Just because someone “does coffee meetings well” doesn’t cut it with me. Either I have used their services or my clients have used them and I have seen the actual results. Lisa is that rare combination of technical skill and graphic design creativity along with a business mind-set attuned to productivity and deadlines. In short, the opposite of all those flaky web designers and so-called social media and internet “experts!” When we needed a website for our newest division, TheBridalBusinessCoach.com, she came up with clever, polished and professional results in record time. She repeated it with our new email marketing. And, she is a delight to work with.”

Mary “Money” Rogers

The Bridal Business Coach

A partner, a strategist and technical wizard at getting things done

“Working with Lisa Schulteis, founder of ElectraLime Marketing, LLC has been a key driver of increasing my on-line presence and credibility. Lisa is a partner, a strategist and technical wizard at getting things done. She has supported my Infusionsoft development and campaigns as well as my newsletter generation and build. Lisa asked the tough questions, uncovered the gaps and helped me build solid processes supporting my business. She is a genius. Any business looking to leverage their on-line presence through marketing campaigns and present the most professional look possible will find more than expected from Lisa. Thank you so much Lisa and ElectraLime Marketing, LLC for being present and available in my business.”

Gail Kraft

Coach and Speaker, Kraft Bravery and Your Business

She combines technology with a solid strategy

“Lisa’s greatest skill is her ability to THINK through the Infusionsoft process to create ideas that work! She combines the technology with a solid strategy to become more efficient, productive, and profitable. And, if you’re tired of consultants who speak high-tech language, you’re gonna love Lisa for her ability to speak in plain, simple, Mid-western English.”

Liz Goodgold

International Speaker, Author and Coach, RedFire Branding

Ignore her value at your own peril!

“Thanks to Lisa, I can save my brain and time for what matters and tap into her genius to execute everything else. My return on investment is usually recouped within thirty days. Ignore her value at your own peril.

Nametag Scott Ginsberg

Author/Speaker/Publisher, Hello My Name is Scott

Focused on the highest value automation that could improve my quality of life

“I was fortunate to be connected with Lisa at the December 2013 Infusionsoft Implementation Accelerator event. I arrived with a ROBUST and diverse set of wishes and a very clear vision of where I wanted to go.

Lisa helped me to prioritize my list based upon our time together there, and we focused on the highest value automation that could improve my quality of life, follow up and yield a high closing percentage for the leads we capture. She also was great at helping me to get the most out of the other experts at the event. The list of things we accomplished that were meaningful would like exceed the character limit on this review form.

Her work ethic and attention to detail were incredible, and for many reasons it was easy to carry forward an “after accelerator” to do list and continue to know I could work with her in full confidence. which I will be…”

Chad Graue

Team Beachbody Coach, The Graues

One of the BEST marketing decisions I’ve made!

“Thanks for all your help and expertise Lisa! Traffic and participation on the Wild Wings Sportsman’s Club page has literally exploded!  Doing business with your company is one of the BEST marketing decisions I’ve made.”

Laura Kruschka

Wild Wings Sportsman’s Club

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